開始日期 可發放I-20開始日期 可發放I-20

班級課表:9:30 - 4:30 (6小時/Day : 1〜週5)
學費:$2,370 (登錄費$100, 教室聽課費 $2160, 教材費・ID $110) 可發放I-20。如需簽證則另付I-20 發放手續費・FedEx費$330。

※商務英語也可以同Standard English Program組合。詳情請詢問。


  • 學習商務英語中常用的單詞和慣用句
  • 學習商務活動順利進行的英語會話


項目 學習內容 Writing Focus
1 & 2 基礎商務英語

• 委託、提案、交涉方法/工作的優先順序

•  商務英語

3 會議 •  會議的調整•通知 • 傳真送付狀的寫法
4 商務・工作內容 • 關於工作內容・職能的討論 • 推薦信的寫法
5 與其他公司的對應・接觸 •  問題的對應方法 • 報告的寫法
6 關於任務的進行狀況 •  關於任務進行狀況的討論 • 對顧客郵件的寫法
7 團隊管理

•  對團隊的要求・提案・交涉

•  對現在・過去成績的討論、成績對比的記述

• 年度報告
8 應對顧客 •  索賠・談判案的答復・回答方法 • 致歉信的寫法
9 達成目標 •  商務計劃和預測的討論 • 目標報告
10 商品比較 •  關於商品的功能・比較的問題和回答 • 對營業人員的筆記
11 管理上的挑戰・動機和生產率 • 交換意見・動機的提高方式和商務成果 • 會議議事錄
12 廣告 • 廣告戰略的討論・Web站點設計的提案 •市場核定和調查

課程表<30 小時/週>

週一~週五 10:00am - 4:30pm

專任教師 (Frank Clements)

弗蘭克(Frank Clements)在本校擔任商務英語教師約兩年了。之前在華盛頓做投資調查,分析法律及法規等在經濟上如何對紐約客戶產生政治影響。他還在捷克斯洛伐克布拉格的Tesla SRO和Price Waterhouse Coopers,為負責財務的商務專家們擔任過講師。弗蘭克是曾從事銷售、市場營銷、項目管理工作的商務英語的講師。(紐約州教育廳資格認證教師)


I liked the business class very much! That was amazing! Because of the small class size we could express our individual wishes for what we wanted to learn.

Marco Saraiva  - August 2017
Class : Business English

The best way to improve your English skills is to study in an English speaking country! That’s why I decided to find a language school in the U.S. to improve my English. I am a German/Portuguese citizen and I work for an insurance company in Germany. I studied Business Administration.

I took the entire 12-week Business English course. My goal is to work for an international company. I liked the business class very much! The average class size in business was only two students. That was amazing! Because of the small class size we could express our individual wishes for what we wanted to learn. In my course, I created an individual elevator pitch, letter of application/CV, and optimized my LinkedIn profile. The instructor is a native English speaker but also a specialist in business because he worked on Wall Street.

Every day we read the daily newspaper and discussed business related articles. We also analyzed business videos on Bloomberg and CNN. In addition, we took fieldtrips to the Museum of Finance and the Federal Hall located in the Wall Street area.

The school is accredited and very professional. Before the lessons begin, there is a written and oral placement test. Every month there is an exam. Don´t worry about that! If you pay attention in your classes you will pass the exam. At the end of the program you get a professional certificate from the course for your CV! The entire staff is very smart, helpful, and professional.

To socialize with other students I participated in the Friday voluntary school activities. We visited many New York attractions. I had the opportunity to build new friendships and network with people from all over the world.

I will recommend the New York English Academy 200% in Germany and Portugal! Thank you for this experience!

It is incredible how fast it works!

Kadija Camara  - August 2017
Class : Business English

Hello my name is Kadija Camara and I am 20 years old. I came to the NYEA Business course because I needed to improve my English for my bachelor’s degree. It is incredible how fast it works! Being an NYEA student will be one of my best life experiences not only because I learned English but also because of the diversity of the students I met.